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About the Repository

The digital repository encompasses all NSTMIS in-house research publications as well as reports of sponsored projects as below:

(i) Regular Publications
  • a. Analysis of Outcome of R&D Projects
  • b. Directory of Research and Development Institutions
  • c. Directory of Extramural Research and Development Projects of Central S&T Agencies
  • d. Funding Pattern of Sponsored Research by Scientific Agencies.
  • e. Research and Development Statistics

(ii) Occasional Publications
  • a. Indian National Innovation Survey with special focus on MSMEs
  • b. ThreeDecades of NSTMIS Scheme 1985-2015: Research Summaries
  • c. Teaching and Research in Science and Technology Faculty in Universities - Selected Statistics

(iii) Projects Reports brought out under Sponsored Research Programme of NSTMIS

Design and Development

These documents are organized in a web-accessible framework using the Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP platform with a query-based retrieval methodology based on the meta data fields. The search features include:

  • Basic and advanced search with facilities such as both free-text and index terms (analytical tables and graphs) search;
  • Other search features include Boolean search (AND; OR; NOT) for narrowing or expanding searches;
  • Capability to search based on project title, PI name, Year, Subject, State, Funding Agency, State, Name of institute, and related keywords such as agency-scheme acronyms, subjects, year etc.
  • User aids such as organization index, state index; on-line search help, etc., and
  • Scope for future updates of NSTMIS publications

Other features of the database include provision to highlight search terms in the display record and Search button to begin search, and a Reset button to clear the search page. Queries conducted in the search button may be case insensitive, i.e., a word entered in lower case will match words entered in upper case, lower case, or mixed case. There is also a provision to take printout/email the search results.

The database also contains Directories containing year-wise Extramural Research and Development Projects [in terms of title, address of principal investigator, duration, name of funding agency/scheme and funds approved] accessible in Excel Format.

Project Completion Reports

The NSTMIS division sponsors research projects/studies to researchers /organizations under its Scheme. The broader areas where studies have been conducted are S&T investment, S&T infrastructure, S&T output, S&T databases, S&T manpower, R&D productivity/efficiency etc.

The reports are classified and organized by the following broad themes:

  • 1. Human Resources in S&T
  • 2. IPR Management
  • 3. Mobility of S&T Professionals
  • 4. R&D and Innovation
  • 5. R&D Infrastructure/ Resources
  • 6. S&T Studies in Higher Education Sector
  • 7. Scientometric Studies in S&T
  • 8. Other

Under each theme, the project reports have been assigned with one or more of keywords to make each report accessible as much specific as possible.

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